ParkO GeoTags are innovative and technological devices ideal for logistics center, shippers, interports, etc. and all the realities that need to monitor the position of containers or their assets.

They are used to track the movement of containers or goods, and thus always know their handling.

ParkO GeoTags are sophisticated devices, deriving from the combination of GMS (2G / 3G and 4G), GPS and RFID technology, to provide high precision results and a high recovery rate.

They are positioned inside or above the container to control and track the handling of goods

Through a web portal it is possible to control, plan and monitor all devices and alerts.

Alerts are triggered and received via SMS and email in real time and there is no extra monthly connection fee for notifications.

ParkO GeoTag Tracker

ParkO GeoTag Tracker is equipped with a GPS satellite and is able to report exactly where the container is anywhere in the world.



– 30° to + 85°

RH 5% to RH 95%

433 MHz UHF

Degree of protection IP67

ParkO GeoTag Alerter has not GPS and it is used to track the container only within an area set up with antennas for its detection.



– 30° to + 70°

5% to RH 95%

433 MHz UHF

Degree of protection IP68