Customer’s requirement

A distribution chain of wellness products present throughout the country, has expressed the need to regulate the access to the parking lots of its stores. In addition the Customer asked for a solution to discount the cost of parking based on the value of its customers’ purchases. As a distribution chain, the customer also needed to maintain an image of quality and elegance to “match” their brand, which is well known and diffused.

The project

Software Link made an economically advantageous proposal provided for integration with Customer’s retail store cash register system. This performed thanks to ParkO software architecture, a proprietary system created to be open and integrable.

Moreover ParkO system showed the necessary flexibility to be able to adapt to particular installation contexts, also, such as small parking where there was a single lane acted as both entrance and exit, in a bidirectional mode of use.

Given the size of the car parks and the fact that parking is mostly free for purchases, it was also important to have a system with a reasonable purchase and installation cost that could be replicated on multiple sites. The system also had to have low maintenance requirements so as to reduce the TCO, a determining factor for the customer.

Our product lines were created by our designers inspired by the Italian style, with elegant and sunny lines and colors. As they were well suited to the customer's needs.

The System realized

The System was realized using out ParkO Enterprise Line and using low speed barriers.

A conventional solution was opted for, issuance of ISO tickets at the entrance, ticket reading at retail store cash register and its use in the exit column.

To install the management software, it was decided to use a solid-state Appliance in order to ensure maximum reliability and not burden the company's software platforms.

We worked together with the manufacturer of the retail store cash register system, on a complete integration of the systems so all the operations could be performed directly from the cash register of the retail store.

The Ticket is validated at the cash register with the same equipment used to read the product barcodes.

After the achievement of a pilot project and testing that lasted several months, the System achieved Customer’s approval and was extended to the various national stores.

Each installation has peculiarities and critical issues that are easily managed thanks to the ability of our designers, who provide all the projects for civil works and wiring and thanks to the flexibility of ParkO system, that allows multiple operating modes.

Final result

The result has been fully achieved, despite of initial integration difficulties, so much that the solution has been extending to the others retail stores located at national level.