Customer’s requirement

One of our customers required to automate heavy vehicles entrances and exits in their sites, located in the province of La Spezia, as part of a logistic flow optimization project.  The customer is leader in the management and repair of containers, havs several sites in Italy and present in many countries.

The project

Software Link was hired by one of its suppliers and partners to formulate an implementation proposal for the automation of the entrance and the exit of heavy vehicles, from the customer's site.

 The software has been customized to integrate to Customer’s management system and to be ready for future implementations aimed further automating vehicle access to the site.

 Considering the type of customer and the problem to be faced, we proposed ParkO Logistic line, designed and built precisely to operate with heavy vehicles in goods flow control installations.

The customer was favorably impressed by the proposed solution and by the flexibility that Software Link was able to provide.

Software Link is able to provide customized solutions based on hardware and software product of ParkO galaxy, we are one of the few national companies doing it. This makes it possible to create tailor-made solutions which maintain its reliability and “industrial” strength features.

In a short time, a shared project was reached to provide the solution implemented.

The System realized

The system implemented involves the use of our double-height ParkO Logistic columns, equipped with double ticket machines for reading and issuing tickets. The columns integrate a VOIP intercom system and a high-resolution color touch screen to dialog with truck driver. The entrance and exit lanes have also been equipped with an advanced license plate reading system. We provided tailor-made machines using the same ticket machines as the columns on the track, for the issue of entrance tickets, by the operators.

In this installation, it was necessary to resort to particularly fast, strong and reliable machines, considering the flow of vehicles and the absolute need to avoid system downtime. The choice fell on a leading Italian manufacturer. The system consists of three fully automated entrances and six exits lanes that allow access and exit from the site, avoiding truck driver to get out of the vehicle.

The system is integrated into the customer's management system to authorize access and issue, on an ISO ticket, the receipt of the operations performed on the loaded container. The ticket generated becomes is a valid document to be presented in case of Shipping company controls.

Final result

The system fully operational has allowed to reduce entry and exit times by 60%. This result will be susceptible to further improvements with the refinement of the system and the implementation of automation steps currently under study.

 The Customer said to be very satisfied with the result achieved and the path undertaken, and expressed its intention to extend it to other sites, once the system has been completed at the pilot site.