BASIC Automated Pay Point:

  • entirely made of stainless steel and aluminum
  • large 21-inch color touchscreen with backlight
  • side luminous led strips
  • SIP intercom as standard
  • print receipt
  • opening sensors
  • fans

The additional features offered make Pay Point Orange Touch, fully customizable to be able to easily adapt to every situation and meet every need in the best possible way.


Payments in coins with self-reloading change

Additional coin module for double capacity and redundancy

Payment and self-reloading change in banknotes, with customization of accepted denominations and currencies

POS payment for any type of electronic card, with also contactless module

Issue and / or reading of tickets in ISO 7810 ID-1 thermal paper, customizable on request

Front reading of barcode and QR code, even from smartphone or tablet

Front reading of RFID, MIFARE, BLE, NFC, BLUETOOTH devices

Additional module for video communication through intercom call


In addition to the cooling fans, always provided by default, it is possible to manage humidity and low temperatures with the heating module, to ensure maximum operation in any situation.

Allows you to open the door even without keys, with authentication, speeding up and simplifying the operation and ensuring control of openings

Possibility of issuing the code again to allow those who have lost the ticket to exit the parking

The installed management software allows to monitor every feature of the automated pay point, such as the level of cash divided by coinage, payments made, alarms relating to ordinary maintenance and breakdowns, or malfunctions. This software communicates with the supervisor of the MAP system. See details in the “software” section.

Accessibility and convenience

A careful ergonomic study of the users is the basis of automatic automated pay point design which, thanks to the innovative arrangement of the internal components, manages to compact the difference in height between the coin insertion point and the change and receipt pick-up point. This makes the automated pay point comfortable for every user, respecting the regulations in force, regarding accessibility.






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